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Tough For Tots Ticket

Date: Saturday September 22, 2018

Location: Margate Barbell Center 4900 W Atlantic Blvd Margate, Fl

Entry Fee: $10 + 1 Toy Entry Fee per participant, proceeds go to charity

Registration: ToughForTots.com


Rules: Co-Ed teams comprised of four members, at least one must be opposite gender, no more than two heavyweights of any gender per team! Partner must be tagged in before attempting each event.

1) The Gauntlet Tag Team Race (Each event must be completed by a different member. You must tag your next teammate before beginning any challenge)

  • Keg Run: 40ft keg run for time, no drops allowed. No tacky allowed. Tag your teammate and begin the next challenge..
  • Partner Carry: 40ft teammate carry for time. No drops allowed. Selection of teammate at your discretion. Tag your next teammate to begin the next challenge.
  • Atlas Stone Load: Load stones over bar, complete 95 lbs for 5 reps, 115 for 3 reps, and 150 for 2 reps. No time limit, faster time will yield higher score. This teammate must run over to the Log press where their partner is waiting and tag them so they can begin.
  • Log Press: Log press 165 pounds for reps, 90 second time limit. Run to the next challenge and tag your partner to begin the last event.
  • Barbell Deadlift: Deadlift 300 pounds for reps, 60 second time limit. No straps allowed.

* Remember this is also about strategy as long as all your teammates participate it doesn’t matter who you put where!

2) Flippin Awesome Team Event (3 members at a time, rotate as needed)

  • Tire Flip: Tire flip for reps, weight TBD so train heavy, 2 minute time limit.

3) Get a Grip (Each event must be completed by a different member)

  • Silver Bullet: Grip and hold Silver bullet for time, no straps or tacky allowed. Weight TBD.
  • Farmers Hold: Grip and hold farmer’s handles for time, no straps or tacky allowed. Weight TBD.

4) **Surprise Final Event to determine Winner! All team members will participate!**